We acknowledge with gratitude the receipt of a donation of US$2,442.65 towards the Cathedral restoration. This is the proceeds of a life insurance policy of the late Elaine Audain and forwarded to us by St. Philip’s church, New York.

The palm crosses were made and donated by Miss Alison Warner of St. Luke’s Parish. We express our profound appreciation for her ministry. Thanks also to all who provided palm branches and decorated the churches for today’s worship.


The monthly Walk up Collection will be accepted today.


Maundy Thursday:

6:00am Matins and Mass at the Cathedral                            7:00pm Mass in all District Churches

Good Friday:

7:00am Service in all District Churches                                                 12:00 Noon-3:00pm Devotions at the Cathedral

Holy Saturday:

7:00am Mass at the Cathedral                                                         8:00pm Easter Vigil at the  Cathedral

CHRISM MASS AND HEALING SERVICE: On Wednesday 17th April, we will once again gather at St. Andrew’s for this service, during which the Bishop blesses the oils and we will also have prayer and anointing for healing.

FOOD FAIR MEETING: There will be a meeting on Monday 29th April in preparation for the Food Fair. Members of the Steering Committee and the Food Fair Committee are invited to meet at the Deanery Office at 5:15pm.

Tickets for the Food Fair are now available at $20.00 each.

UNITY SUNDAY: On Unity Sunday, we will all gather once again at the Cathedral for worship. There will only be one morning service at 8:30am. However, in the evening, we will have a song service or Big Sing. We encourage members to submit your favourite hymns and come on out to hear as many as possible sung. Submissions may be made at the Deanery or directly to Fr. Joel St. Rose.

USE OF STEWARDSHIP ENVELOPES: On several occasions, empty stewardship envelopes have been found in the collection. Members are kindly asked to ensure that envelopes are properly sealed before they are placed in the collection baskets/plates.

CATHEDRAL RESTORATION: We are hoping to commission shortly the repairs of the north and south entrance/exit steps to the Cathedral. Members may assist by your financial contribution to parts or the whole project. Following is the breakdown of costs:

The North Stairs total is $18,240.00 as follows

  1. Top landing.   $8,640.00
  2. Top flight of steps. $2,000.00
  3. Intermediate landing. $2,000.00
  4. Lower flight of steps.  $3,600.00
  5. Lowest landing $2,000.00

The South Stairs is $15,840.00 as follows

  1. Top landing. $8,640.00
  2. Top flight of steps. $3,600.00
  3. Intermediate landing. $1,600.00
  4. Lower flight of steps.  $2,000.00


Next Sunday Mass is at 8:00am.

Activities for Good Shepherd Week 2019 include

Sun.  12th May: Good Shepherd’s Day Mass & Breakfast

Wed. 15th May: Mission Service

Fri.    17th May: Take Away Dinner

Sun. 1 9th May: Youth Night

Tickets for the dinner are available at $20.00 each from members of the Good Shepherds District Committee.

We express our heartfelt appreciation and thanks to the family from our congregation that covered the total costs for the repainting of the church and to the member who donated a new censer for use by the servers.


Pan practice is on Saturdays at 10:00am

Next Sunday the Mass is at 8:00am.

Monday 15th April, at 5:15pm District Committee meeting

The first fundraiser for 2019 will be an Easter Cake Sale on April 21st. Members are asked to support this activity.


Next Sunday Mass is at 10:00am.

ANDREW’S DISTRICT: Saturday 20th April: Youth meeting at 3:30 pm & Steel Pan practice at 4:30 pm. Next Sunday, the Mass is at 10:15amANTHONY’S DISTRICT:

Next Sunday Mass is at 10:00am.

21st April: Mothers’ Union annual Cake Sale.


5th May:      Unity Sunday service

11th May:     Line Dance Connection Concert

25th May:    Caribbean & International Food Fair

26th May:    Prayer Service at St. James

2nd June:     Child’s Day

30th June:   Family Sunday


Sunday 14th March:

7:00pm Solemn Evensong

Tuesday, Thursday and Friday:

6:00am Matins and Mass

Wednesday 17th April:

12:30pm Mass at the DWLCC

7:15pm Chrism Mass at St. Andrew’s church.

Thursday 18th April:

5:00pm Servers’ practice at the Cathedral

Friday 19th April:

7:00am Devotions at all District Churches 12:00pm 3 hours Devotions at the Cathedral

Saturday 20th April:

7:00am Mass at the Cathedral

2:30pm Children’s Choir practice at the Cathedral                                                                        8:00pm Easter Vigil at the Cathedral


The Antigua Christian Council presents Break Through based on the impossible true story on Friday 19th April at Caribbean Cinemas at 6:50pm at the cost of $12.50.


Kindly support the following youth activities:

  1. Bonfire on Friday 26th April 6:00pm at St. Andrew’s Church yard. $10.00 children, $15.00 adults
  2. Bible Pageant and Spelling Bee Competition on Sunday 28th April at 5:00pm at the DWLCC. Entrance fee $10.00