SPECIAL WELCOME: Today it’s a delight to have the Rotary Club of Antigua and the Rotary Club of Antigua Sundown worshipping corporately at the Cathedral’s 8:15am service in observance of World Peace and Understanding Day. We extend a very warm welcome. May God give you grace for your work in the community.

 EXPRESSION OF APPRECIATION: We are sincerely grateful for a donation of a censer and a chasuble from a clergyman who wishes to remain anonymous.

The first Parish fundraiser for the year, the Pre-Lenten Barbecue was quite successful. We are truly thankful for the hard work of the Planning Committee and all the stall holders. Appreciation is also expressed for all donations and the support of all who patronized the activity.

We are pleased to acknowledge a donation of $5000.00  towards the Cathedral Restoration and express our gratitude to the generous worshipper at the Cathedral’s 11:00am service.

FOUNDERS’/THINKING DAY SERVICE: Scouts and Guides on the island will gather this afternoon at 3 o’ clock at the Cathedral to celebrate Founders’/Thinking Day. A special invitation is extended to all boys and girls who are interested in becoming Scouts or Guides.

EVENSONG AT THE CATHEDRAL: Evensong resumes at 7:00pm today 24th February. On Sunday 3rd March Evensong will be conducted by St. Stephen with St. Baths and St. Philip. It is our expectation that larger numbers of our members would attend the Sunday evening services.

CONFIRMATION CLASSES: Confirmation classes resume tomorrow 25th February. Children who have recently registered should also be present.

EXERCISE CLASS: The Exercise group meets on Thursdays at 7:00pm at the DWLCC.

SERVERS’ PRACTICE: Practice takes place at the Cathedral on Fridays at 5:00pm.

SCOUTS’ MEETING: We appeal to parents to encourage your boys to join the scouts troop. Meetings are held on Saturdays at 4:00pm at the Deanery.

2nd ANTIGUA GIRL GUIDES: Parents, we are ready to revive the Guide Unit in our Parish. There are a trained Leader and Assistant Leader in place, as well as a few members who are willing to volunteer their time to work as Leaders. This will allow us to have both Brownies (6-9 years) and Guides (10-16 years). For starters, meetings will be held at the Deanery on Fridays beginning at 5:00pm. We appeal to you to register your girls by calling the Deanery Office or contact any of the following persons: Cassandra Simon, Anestercia Bailey -Davis, Nia James-Knight.

UPDATE FROM THE PARISH VESTRY: Following is an omission from the update last week:

The Cathedral Gift Shop had another successful year of operations. Vestry accepted the report from Mr. Clarence Martin that shows that in 2018 there were increases in sales, donations and the grand total over the figures for 2017.

Sales $35,214.00 (increase of $7,470.00), donations $91,855.00 (increase of $3,855.00) and Total $127,069.00 (increase of $11,307.00).

Vestry commends the volunteers for their excellent work and conveys profound thanks. An appeal is also made to members to give greater support to the Gift Shop.


Tuesday 26th February: 6:30pm Bible study

Next Sunday Mass is at 8:00 AM.

Saturday 2nd March: 12:30pm Monthly Barbecue

Monday 4th March: 5:15pm District Committee Meeting


Tuesday 26th February: 6:30pm Bible study

Pan practice is on Saturdays at 10:00am

Next Sunday the Mass is at 8:00am.

Tuesday 5th March: 5:15pm District Committee Meeting


Wednesday 27th February: 4:45 pm “Listen To Me.”

Next Sunday Mass is at 10:00am.

ANDREW DISTRICT: Tuesday 26th February: 6:30pm Bible study Saturday 2nd March: Youth meeting at 3:30 pm & Steel Pan practice at 4:30 pm.                                                                                                                                     Next Sunday, the Mass is at 10:15am


Tuesday 26th February: 5:30pm Bible Study                                                                                                                                      Next Sunday Mass is at 10:00am.

During Lent, all services will be at 10:00am.



Sunday 24th February:

7:00pm Evensong

Monday 25th February:

4:00pm Confirmation Classes

Tuesday, Thursday and Friday:

6:00am Matins and Mass

Tuesday 26th February:

Bible study at the usual times

Wednesday 27th February:

12:30pm Mass at the DWLCC

4:30pm Order of St. Luke (OSL) meets at the DWLCC

4:45pm “Listen To Me” at the Deanery

Thursday 28th February

7:00pm Exercise Class at the DWLCC

Friday 1st March

5:00pm Servers’ practice

6:30pm Line Dance practice

Saturday 2nd March

7:00am Matins and Mass at the Cathedral

2:30pm Children’s Choir practice at the Cathedral



Condolences: We extend our deepest sympathy to the family of  Clovis Francis whose funeral service will be held on Tuesday 26th February at St. Andrew at 2:30pm.