WELCOME BACK: We are delighted to welcome back Rev. Judith Archibald. Rev. Archibald rejoins the clergy staff of the Parish as the Senior Curate or Senior Assistant Priest. May God grant her grace to have a fruitful ministry among us.

CONGRATULATIONS: We are proud of the two (2) servers at Bethel who received scholarships to study abroad. Jahnies Lake received the Prime Minister’s Scholarship and Raynier De Bellotte received scholarships to two universities. We express our heartiest congratulations to them and their respective families.


DEAN: Chairman of the St. James’ & Good Shepherd’s District Committees, the Vestry, the Pastoral Committee, the Worship Committee, the Music Committee, supervises the Altar & Servers Guilds and Chaplain of the OSL.

REV. JUDITH ARCHIBALD: Chairperson of St. Andrew’s & St. Anthony’s District Committees, Co-Chair of the Pastoral Committee and supervises the Ushers’ Guild.

JOEL ST. ROSE: Chairman of Bethel’s District Committee, the Parish Youth Committee and Co-Chair of the Servers’ Guild.

CHRISTOPHER ROBERTS: Chairman of the Family Life Committee.

NEGRO SPIRITUAL BOOKLETS: We have prepared the booklets of Negro Spirituals for use in the Parish. They are not for sale and the intention is to have them available for use annually. Therefore, we kindly plead with members to leave them behind to be collected after church. They are not to be taken away.

The date for the barbecue has been changed to Friday 22nd February 2019 beginning at 5:00pm. Tickets are now available from members of the Committee, Stall holders and at the Deanery. We ask everyone to support our fundraiser by purchasing your tickets. Members who are willing to make your contributions by donating chicken are advised that we have placed our orders at Christo’s. Kindly consult with Evie Shepherd who is coordinating this.

MEETING FOR MEN: The meeting with the men of the Parish was quite good, although the attendance could have been better. It is our intention to both prepare a survey for men and convene another meeting shortly, as we seek to further motivate men to be actively involved in the life of the church, and to plan an annual activity for the men of the Parish.

SERVERS’ PRACTICE: Practice takes place at the Cathedral on Fridays at 5:00 pm.

SCOUTS’ MEETING: Scouts’ meeting is on Saturdays at 4:00pm. Parents are asked to encourage your boys to attend.

BLACK HISTORY MONTH: As we celebrate Black History Sunday, we thank all members who have attended services dressed in African clothing. The date for the programme has been changed to Sunday 17th February at Good Shepherd at 5:00pm. All choirs are to be involved in the programme and members who wish to render items at the programme are requested to contact the Dean.

EXERCISE CLASS: The exercise group was on break but will resume on Thursday at 7:00pm at the DWLCC. Members are invited to be a part of these exercise sessions.

CONFIRMATION: Confirmation in the Parish has been set for Sunday 17th February 2019. The service will begin at 8:30am at the Cathedral, so there will not be an 11:00am service. Reminder to parents that eligible sponsors must be members in good standing in Anglican, Roman Catholic, Methodist, Moravian or Lutheran churches.

REGISTRATION FOR CONFIRMATION: Registrations for Confirmation are being accepted. ONLY children attending Sunday schools will be accepted. Therefore, registration forms MUST be SIGNED and SUBMITTED by the Sunday school Superintendents/teachers.

GOLDEN ANNIVERSARY: On Saturday February 16th, Canon Emerson Richardson celebrates the 50th anniversary of his Ordination and Consecration as Priest. This is a significant milestone and a service is being planned to celebrate the occasion on Monday 18th February 2019 at 5:00pm at the St. John’s Cathedral. Everyone is invited out to join in the grand celebrations.


We sincerely appreciate the support received for the Monthly Barbecue and express thanks to all who patronized the activity.

Tuesday 5th February: 6:30pm Bible study

Next Sunday Mass is at 8:00am.


Tuesday 5th February: 6:30pm Bible study

Pan practice is on Saturdays at 10:00am

Next Sunday the Mass is at 8:00am.


Wednesday 6th February: 4:45 pm “Listen To Me.”

Next Sunday Mass is at 10:00am.


Tuesday 5th February: 6:30pm Bible study Friday 8th February Choir practice

Saturday 9th February: Youth meeting at 3:30 pm and Steel Pan practice at 4:30 pm.

Next Sunday Mass is at 10:15am


Tuesday 5th February: 5:30pm Bible study                                                                                                                                                                                          Next Sunday Mass is at 10:00am.



Sunday 3rd February:

7:00pm Evensong led by St. Peter’s

Monday 4th February:

4:00 pm Confirmation classes

Tuesday, Thursday and Friday:

6:00 am Matins and Mass.

Tuesday 5th February:

5:30pm Bible study at St. Anthony’s

6:30pm Bible study at St. Andrew’s & St. James’

Wednesday 6th February:

12:30 pm Mass at the DWLCC

4:30 pm OSL  meeting at the DWLCC

4:45 pm “Listen To Me” at the Deanery office

5:00pm C. R .E. W. Dance practice

Thursday 7th February:

7:00pm Exercise class

Friday 8th February:

5:00 pm Baptism preparation class at the Deanery.

5:00pm Servers’ practice

Saturday 9th February:

7:00 am Matins and Mass

3:00 pm Children’s choir practice at the DWLCC

4:00pm Scouts’ meeting at the Deanery


Saturday 16th February …Vestry Workshop at DWLCC

Sunday 17th February … 8:30 am Confirmation

Sunday 17th February …  5:00pm Black History Programme

Friday 22nd February Pre-Lenten Barbecue at the DWLCC car park

Sunday 24th February 3:00pm… Founder’s Day service at the Cathedral.——————————————————————————–