SPECIAL WELCOME: We cordially welcome to our Parish members of the District Grand Lodge of Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean who are worshipping corporately at the 8:15am Cathedral service, in recognition of the Investiture of Clement E. M. Bird as District Grand Master for Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean. On behalf of the clergy and members of the Parish, we congratulate the District Grand Master, Mr. Bird and extend best wishes to all in the Lodge.

WALK UP COLLECTION: The Walk Up Collection will be taken today.

FAREWELL THANKSGIVING SERVICE: Members are all invited out this afternoon at 5:00pm at St. Andrew’s church for the Thanksgiving service for Fr. Raliville Christian’s ministry among us. Choir members are also asked to wear white and form part of a combined choir to lead the singing during the service.

MUSIC COMMITTEE: There will be a meeting of the Music Committee on Monday 21st January at 5:30pm at the Deanery. All organists and choir directors or representatives are asked to attend.

REGIONAL COUNCIL: There will be a meeting of the Regional Council on Wednesday 23rd January at 5:30pm at St. Peter’s church. The Parish Youth Coordinator, Synod Representative and members of clergy are expected to attend.

SCOUTS MEETING: Scouts meeting will resume on Saturday 19th January at 4:00pm. Parents are asked to encourage your boys to attend.

PRAYER AND HEALING SERVICE: We recognize that an increasing number of members are expressing the need to be prayed for. Therefore a decision was made at the Pastoral Committee to schedule a quarterly Prayer Service. This will be rotated among the various churches in the Parish. We will begin on Sunday 27th January at Good Shepherd at 6:00pm.

PRE-LENTEN BARBECUE: On Monday 28th January, there will be a meeting at the Deanery office at 5:15pm of the organizing committee, including the representatives of the various stalls.

MEETING FOR MEN: Calling all men in the Parish. You are invited to attend a meeting with the Dean on Wednesday 30th January 2019 at 5:30pm at the DWLCC. Kindly make a special effort to attend.

BLACK HISTORY MONTH: This year, February 3rd is the Sunday when members may come out to church all dressed in African clothing and the hymns will be Negro Spirituals. However, the programme will be on Sunday 24th February. All choirs are to be involved in the programme, so we request that choirs select their pieces and begin early practicing. Members who wish to render items at the programme are requested to contact the Dean.

CHURCH ORGANIZATIONS: All church organizations that are having fundraisers this year are requested to submit your list of activities by month end. You are also reminded that you are to prepare and submit to the Dean your annual report.


The Officers elected are as follows: Mrs. Lucette James (Secretary), Ms. Telceita John-Harrigan (Assistant Secretary), Mr. Leslie Williams (Treasurer), Miss Sandra Baptist (Assistant Treasurer), Mr. Ivan Joyce (Synod Representative) and Ms. Veronica Bell (3rd Signatory).

There was unanimous agreement to accept the offer to purchase the piano at the Cathedral.

Bishop Errol Brooks has appointed Rev. Judith Archibald to the Parish as of 1st February 2019 and the Vestry has approved the appointment.

Except for a few adjustments, the Budget for 2019 is in place.

GOOD SHEPHERD’S DISTRICT: Tuesday 22nd January: 6:30pm Bible study

Next Sunday Mass is at 8:00am.

The monthly barbecue will resume on Saturday 2nd February 2019.


  1. JAMES’ DISTRICT: Tuesday 22nd January: 6:30pm Bible study

Pan practice is on Saturdays at 10:00am

Next Sunday the Mass is at 8:00am.


BETHEL’S DISTRICT:                                                                                                        Wednesday 23rd January: 4:45 pm “Listen To Me.”

Next Sunday Mass is at 10:00am.



Tuesday 22nd January: 6:30pm Bible study                                                                                              Saturday 26th January: Youth meeting at 3:30 pm and Steel Pan practice at 4:30 pm.                                                                                                                                     Next Sunday, the Mass is at 10:15am


  1. ANTHONY’S DISTRICT: Tuesday 22nd January: 5:30pm Bible study Next Sunday Mass is at 6:15am.


SIGNIFICANT DATES FOR YOUR CALENDAR:                                                                Sunday 27th January 6:00pm Prayer & Healing service at Good Shepherd

Sunday 3rd February Black History Sunday

Sunday 17th February ….  Confirmation                                                                                       Sunday 24th February 3:00pm…  Founder’s Day service at the Cathedral.                                                                                                                                Sunday 24th February …  Black History Programme

Friday 22nd February Pre-Lenten Barbecue at the DWLCC car park


CONDOLENCES: Deepest sympathy to the families of Octavia Young whose funeral service will be held on Tuesday 22nd  January 2019 at 2:30pm at St. Andrew, and of Jeremiah Hutson whose service will be on Wednesday 23rd January 2019 at 2:30pm at St. Andrew.



There are varieties of gifts but the same Spirit, varieties of ministries but the same Lord, varieties of activities but the same God……..1 Corinthians 12:1-11

Decode the manifestations (showings, indications, expressions) of the Holy Spirit.

1.F ___  __     th

  1. Ton ____ ues
  2. U ___ ___ eran__ e of kn___ wle ___ge
  3. U tt ___ ance of wis ___ om
  4. Gifts of he___ ___ing
  5. Working of mi ___ a___ les
  6. Pro ___he ___y
  7. Dis ___ ern ___ ng of sp__r__ ts
  8. Inter___ ret___tion of to ___ gues