SPECIAL WELCOME: As we begin our Exchange of Pulpits for the season of Lent, we are pleased to welcome to the Parish the Visiting Clergy: Archdeacon Franklin Reid, Fr. Carlisle Vyphuis, Canon Selina Joseph, Rev. George Richards, Rev. Leroy Hodge and Rev. Janet Roberts. We pray that as you minister among us, souls will be drawn closer to God and strengthened to continue our spiritual walk.

EXPRESSION OF APPRECIATION: We are profoundly grateful and say thanks for the donations of $5000.00 and $50.00 towards the Cathedral restoration from members who wish to remain anonymous.

FOOD FAIR COMMITTEE: There will be a meeting of the Food Fair Committee on Monday 11th March at 5:15pm. All who have been part of the Steering Committee and the General Committee please attend.

THE PARISH VESTRY: The Parish Vestry will meet on Monday 11th March. All members are asked to make a special effort to attend.

ADULT SERVICES: begin on Tuesday at the DWLCC at 5:00pm. The Mothers’ Union will lead and the topic is, “My Flesh is Weak”.

MISSION SERVICES IN LENT: The North Zone will have our first joint mission service on Wednesday at St. George’s church beginning at 7:00pm. Members who need transportation please inform us urgently that arrangements may be made.

EXERCISE CLASS: The Exercise group meets on Thursdays at 7:00pm at the DWLCC.

SERVERS’ PRACTICE: For Lent, practice has been changed to Thursdays at the Cathedral beginning at 5:00pm.

SCOUTS MEETING: We appeal to parents to encourage your boys to join the scout troop. Meetings are held on Saturdays at 4:00pm at the Deanery.

2nd ANTIGUA GIRL GUIDES: Parents, once again we urge you to sign up your girls to be part of the Guides Unit in our Parish. The proposed day for meeting is Friday.

WALK UP COLLECTION: The monthly walk up collection will be accepted next Sunday. At the Cathedral, instead of a walk up collection, the  baskets  will  be passed around a second time.



Fridays at 7:00pm in all District Churches



Tuesday at 5:00pm at the DWLCC

19th March: DOK/WA … Dealing With Worries/Anxieties

26th March: ACWA … My Burden Feels So Heavy

2nd April: St. Andrew’s Fellowship … I’m Still Hurting

9th April: Brotherhood of St. Andrew…What Am I living For?

THE ANTIGUA MOTHERS’ UNION: The Antigua Mothers’ Union will celebrate The Feast of the Annunciation with a Mass on Sunday 24th March 2019 at the St. John’s Cathedral at 4:30pm. We are all invited so there will not be Evensong on that day.

EASTER MONDAY FAIR: St. Paul’s and St. Barnabas congregations invite you to their Easter Monday Fair on Monday 22nd April at the St. Paul’s Rectory Grounds, Falmouth beginning at 2:00pm. There will be great excitement, music, food and prizes. Tickets cost $5.00 and some may be purchased at the Dean’s Office.

RESTORATION UPDATE: There has been a break in the work for a few weeks. Work will resume shortly to include the following: complete moldings work in the sanctuary, repainting of the panels with The Ten Commandments & The Lord’s Prayer, completing the Crown moldings and column base moldings, manufacturing moldings for the windows, repairs to outside toilets, repairs to steps and replacement of the monuments (as far as funds permit).


Next Sunday Mass is at 8:00am.

The Monthly Barbecue has been postponed for Lent and will resume 1st June 2019.

Activities for Good Shepherd Week 2019 include Good Shepherd’s Day Mass & Breakfast (12th May), Mission Service (15th May), Take Away Dinner (17th May) and Youth Night 9th May).


Pan practice is on Saturdays at 10:00am

Next Sunday the Mass is at 8:00 am.



Next Sunday Mass is at 10:00am.


Saturday 16th March: Youth meeting at 3:30 pm & Steel Pan practice at 4:30 pm. Next Sunday, the Mass is at 10:15am


Next Sunday Mass is at 10:00am.

During Lent, all services will be at 10:00am.


24th March: 4:30pm… Mothers’ Union Feast of the Annunciation service at the Cathedral

25th March: 8:15am…Grammar School Founder’s Day service at the Cathedral.

5th May Unity Sunday service

11th May Line Dance Connection Concert

25th May Caribbean & International Food Fair

26th May Prayer Service at St. James

2nd June Child’s Day

30th June Family Sunday

CONDOLENCES: We express our deepest sympathies to the family of the late Cedric (Ricky) Nanton, who was laid to rest last Friday and to Mrs. Forde and family as we have received the news that one of Mrs. Forde’s younger siblings has died.

Our heartfelt condolences also to the families of members who are to be laid to rest this week, including Jemesia Robinson whose funeral service will be held on Tuesday 12th March at 2:30pm at  St. Andrew ; Vincent “Tubby” Derrick whose funeral service will be held on Wednesday 13th March at 2:30pm at the St. John’s Cathedral and Nigel Jackson whose funeral service will be held at  10:00am at St. Andrew.


Sunday 10TH March:

7:00pm Evensong

Monday 11th March:

4:00pm Confirmation Classes

Tuesday, Thursday and Friday:

6:00am Matins and Mass

Wednesday 13th March:

12:30pm Mass at the DWLCC

7:00pm Mission service at St. George’s church

Thursday 14th March:

5:00pm Servers’ practice at the Cathedral

7:00pm Exercise Class at the DWLCC

Friday 15th March:

5:00pm Baptism Classes

7:00pm Stations of the Cross

Saturday 16th March:

7:00am Matins and Mass at the Cathedral

2:30pm Children’s Choir practice at the Cathedral 4:00pm Scouts’ meeting at the Deanery