EXPRESSION OF APPRECIATION: We express sincere gratitude for the donation of $4,000.00 to assist with the repairs of the south steps, from a member who wishes to remain anonymous.

Appreciation and thanks are also expressed for the donation of $12,000.00 to assist with the cost of the west doors, from a member who wishes to remain anonymous.

We are truly thankful for the donation of $500.00 towards the Cathedral restoration from a member who wishes to remain anonymous.

Received with much appreciation for the Cathedral, The Gospel Book, donated by The Rev. Canon & Mrs. Calvin Mc Intyre of Jamaica, West Indies.

BIG SING AT BIG CHURCH: was excellent. The attendance from our own members needed to be much better. However, we are grateful to Fr. Joel St. Rose and Mr. Quincy Etinoff, who coordinated it, the organists, and all the participating choirs.

VISITING IN THE PARISH: Members of the Cathedral congregations are asked to kindly complete the survey forms and return them after the service.

EVENSONG: There will not be any Evensong today.

Food Handlers Training: All persons interested in the Food Handlers Training should note that there will be one session for both new members and renewal on Tuesday 14th May at the Multi-Purpose Centre, Perry Bay, beginning at 5:00pm. All must register at Central Board of Health (CBH) between 8:00am – 4:00pm.

COLLECTION FOR CODRINGTON COLLEGE: The collection will be taken today in support of the work of Codrington College. Please give generously.

FOOD FAIR MEETING: There will be a meeting tomorrow 13th May at the Deanery Office at 5:15pm as we continue to make plans for the Food Fair. All Stall Holders and Committee members are asked to be present.

THE PARISH VESTRY: The Parish Vestry will meet tomorrow 13th May at the Deanery Office beginning at 6:30pm.

MISSION SERVICE: All members are invited to the Mission Service on Wednesday 15th May at 7:00pm at Good Shepherd. The Preacher is Canon Reid Simon.


LAY READERS’ MEETING: There will be a meeting of the Lay Readers and Chalice Assistants Guild on Thursday May 16th at 5:00pm at the Deanery Office.

WALK-UP COLLECTION: The monthly walk-up collection will be accepted next Sunday.

A JOYOUS MUSICAL PROGRAMME:  We are invited to this musical programme at Spring Gardens Moravian Church on May 19th, 2019 at 6:30pm. “Honouring the King of Kings and Lord of Lords for Fourscore Years and Five” is in celebration of the 85th birthday of Edris M. V. Roberts. Contribution is $30.00 and the proceeds go towards the restoration of the St. John’s Cathedral and the Roof Restoration of the Green Bay Moravian Church. Please support this programme.

CONDOLENCES: Our deepest sympathies to the family of the late Dr. Sir Prince Ramsey, whose funeral service will be held at the Cathedral on Tuesday 21st May at 1:30pm. Also to the family of the late Eileen Haywood whose funeral service will be held at St. James on Tuesday 21st May at 2:30pm.


Tuesday: 6:30pm Bible study

As we celebrate Good Shepherd Week, we express profound gratitude to all who contributed to the breakfast today. Kindly support the other activities including the Mission Service on Wednesday 15th May and Youth Night on Sunday 19th May.

Next Sunday Mass is at 8:00am.


Please give your fullest support for the Mothers’ Union breakfast following the service. Cost is $10.00.

Tuesday: 6:30pm Bible study

Pan practice is on Saturdays at 10:00am

Next Sunday Mass is at 8:00am.

The next District’s fundraiser is our Whit Monday Dinner on June 10th.


“Listen to Me” is on Wednesday at 4:45pm

Next Sunday Mass is at 10:00am.


Tuesday 6:30pm Bible Study

Saturday 18th May: Youth meeting at 3:30 pm & Steel Pan practice at 4:30 pm.

Next Sunday Mass is at 10:15am.


Tuesday: 5:30pm  Bible study

Next Sunday Mass is at 10:00am


Let us pray for our students who are preparing for and sitting exams, that they may grow in understanding and knowledge, that they may perform well academically.

We give thanks to God for all mothers.


25th May: Caribbean & International Food Fair

26th May: Prayer Service at St. James

2nd June: Child’s Day

10th June: St. James’ Dinner

23rd June: Installation of the Dean and Cathedral Chapter

30th June: Family Sunday


Monday 13th May:

4:00pm Confirmation classes

5:15pm Food Fair Meeting

6:30pm Parish Vestry meeting

Tuesday, Thursday and Friday:

6:00am Matins and Mass

Tuesday 14th May

5:30pm Bible study at St. Anthony

6:30pm Bible study at St. Andrew’s, Good Shepherd and St. James

Wednesday 15th May:

12:30pm Mass at the DWLCC

4:30pm OSL meets at the DWLCC

4:45pm “Listen To Me” at the Deanery Office

Thursday 16th May:

7:00pm Exercise Class at the DWLCC

Friday 17th May:

5:00pm Guides meet at the Deanery Office

5:00pm Servers’ practice at the Cathedral

Saturday 18th May:

7:00am Matins and Mass at the Cathedral

2:30pm Children’s Choir practice at the Cathedral

4:00pm Scouts meet at the Deanery